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Students completing this program will be able to apply for the state licensure as a Nail Specialist. 

Nail Specialist training will include instruction how to use professional manicuring implements and supplies to facilitate the process of manicuring, pedicuring and extending nails.


In Florida, a student must complete a minimum of 240 clock hours to qualify as a registered Nail Specialist. Upon completion of the nail specialist program, the student will receive an "Official Diploma" from Vesi Institute of Spa Therapies, and be eligible to apply to the State of Florida for Registration as a Nail Specialist. 

Our program objective is to train, develop and graduate a highly skilled Nail Specialist, one who can work in a salon or day spa, providing nail care. Whether it is a new career option or a mid- life career change, there are many job opportunities available to graduates. We always utilize instructors that are licensed and qualified to provide our students the most complete education possible in order to achieve a solid, comprehensive foundation in our nail care. Our students will receive all the necessary training and have the knowledge and capability to enter any phase of the growing nail esthetics industry. 

Graduates of the Nail Specialist Program will be able to: 

• Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of human anatomy & physiology of the hands, arms, legs & feet. 

• Demonstrate an understanding of pathologies of the human body, skin and nails. 

• Demonstrate an understanding of the laws and ethics governing nail care in the State of Florida. 

• Demonstrate an understanding of HIV infection, AIDS and how these conditions impact nail care. 

• Demonstrate the ability to properly sanitize and sterilize equipment used in nail specialist applications. 

• Demonstrate an understanding of business structures and marketing a private practice. 

• Demonstrate an understanding and proper techniques used in manicures and pedicures.

• Demonstrate the ability to provide manicures and pedicures on the general public.

• Demonstrate the ability to set up the room efficiently, and properly clean and sterilize the equipment and facility after the nail service. 


This institution follows an independent course numbering system to assign course numbering system in accordance with program requirements. The system is designed to identify courses and differentiate the level of study. Courses are numbered sequentially.

001 Florida Cosmetology Laws and Rule 5 Hours

002 HIV/Aids 4 Hours

003 Sanitation 4 Hours

004 Ethics 2 Hours

005 Nail Theory, Practice, and Related subjects

including nail disorders, and diseases 85 Hours

006 Manicures 20 Hours

007 Pedicures 10 Hours

008 Tips and Overlays 37.5 Hours

009 Sculpting 37.5 Hours

010 Nail Wraps and/or mending 15 Hours

011 Nail Fill-ins 10 Hours

012 Artificial Nail Removal 5 Hours

013 Polishing and Nail Art 5 Hours

Anatomy/Physiology and Pathology 

About the systems of the body and how they function. Discover the pathology of the disease process in the body.


This program provides the student with the most current information regarding HIV/AIDS and blood borne pathogens. It is taught specifically for the student as a health care provider. This program includes precautions, etiology and benefits of therapeutic services for clients with AIDS.

Florida Laws & Rules

We take the laws and rules governing the profession very seriously and want the student to have a thorough understanding of them as they relate to his/her practice. We study 477 of Florida Statutes and Chapter 61 G 5 of Florida Administrative Code. 


Students will be taught about marketing and business structures (employee, independent contractor, etc.) We will instruct you on how to set up your practice and keep it operating. Ethics in business and professional matters are taught throughout the class. 

Nail Specialist Services 

Students are trained in and perform the steps of manicures and pedicures. Recognizing client health issues with nails and taking appropriate actions when necessary. Applying tips and sculpting are emphasized. This program includes thorough instruction in sanitation and sterilization. 

Nail Art 

Students’ creative processes and expression in the work environment. 


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